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Freescale Race Challenge

The FRC (Freescale Race Challenge) is an engineering contest designed to inspire students towards further studies in the fields of semiconductors.

The Goals of the Race

The Objective

Map the track shape during the first lap and use it to achieve a maximum speed in the following laps.

How can the car map the track?

Accelerometer measures centrifugal forces.

Racing Rules

All teams will place their cars into pits before the race. Each team is racing separately against time. The contestant that is called on takes its car from the pit and places it anywhere on the track. The time measurement is started on the first pass through the time counter and stopped after 10 laps. If the car drops out of the track, the contestant can put it back to a position clearly before the drop-out point, but not more than 1 meter. Only one person of a team designated at the beginning of the race can do this. After the ride, the contestant places the car back into the pit and keeps away from pits.

There are two race rounds and the sum of both race times will determine the final result. The slot car is placed on the right line of the track for the first round and on the left line for the 2nd round. The starting order is random for the first round and a reverse order to the intermediate results is used for the second round. The race will took place clockwise, starting from outside. During the race, the switch position does not modify. It is used to commute between Race (which is, in fact, the race mode 10+10) and Tournament mode (which involves 2 cars in-line on track in the same time).

Track Properties

The race track is unknown to the contestants until the race. The track is powered by the original power supply 14.8V, 2x350mA (Carrera ID: 26724) The track does not include shoulders or guardrails. The defective areas of the track must be all considered as being part of the contest (roughness, dust, environment, humidity).

The track can consist only from the following set of Carrera Evolution pieces (all or a subset):

Slot Car Properties

The slot car Carrera Evolution BMW Z4M original chassis, body, guide blade, motor and tires must be mandatory used. The traction magnets must be removed, no traction magnet is allowed. The slot car can be equipped by additional electronics, but only inside the body. The slot car weight is limited by a maximum of 125g. No remote control of the car is allowed.

Only one switch allowing choosing between two modes of operation is allowed on the slot car. Before the race, the jury will check the car and components to make sure that is eligible for the race.

Between learning lap and the race laps, it is not allowed to remove the car from the track. The human interference between those two is not allowed.

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