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Check the accomodation status

Here You can check the status of Your accomodation. In case, there are any changes, please let us know at the mail balogh[at]

The deadline for accomodation reservation was March 31st, 2010. Unfortunately we are not able to make any reservations after this deadline. You can find an additional appropriate accomodation facilities here:


Enlarge Istrobot 2009 map

The price for an accomodation is 8,- EUR/night/person. Reservation are already done, there is no need to pay at the desk, You just need to say Robotika.SK and Your name. You will pay at the registration of the contest, not at the hostel.

The address of the hostel is Limbová 14. There is no name of the hostel, it is a part of the Slovenska Zdravotnicka Univerzita (Slovak medical university). This is also the only name visible on the building. It is directly opposite to the large hospital. See the map above for details. The website of the hostel is here. Details are also at this page of the hostel.

You can also find an additional appropriate accomodation facilities here:


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