eighth robotics contest

April 19th

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1. Linefollower

The task is to construct an autonomous robot that will complete the racing track and negotiates all the pitfalls. The track is formed by a black stripe of width 15 mm on white surface. It contains several obstacles - for example a tunel to pass through, a brick to be avoided, or a line that is interrupted. The robot should find a correct path (there will be no crossings or branching) by following the line.

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2. Micromouse

The task is to construct an autonomous robot that can solve a maze and find the goal in the shortest possible time.

The maze is formed of 16x16 elementary squeares with dimension 18x18 cm. The walls are 5 cm tall and 1,2 cm thick. The paths between the walls are thus 16,8 cm wide. The walls of the maze are white from the side, and the top side is red. The floor is black. The surface of the walls reflects infrared lights and the floor absorbs most of it. The start will be in one of the corner squares, and the target will be in the center. The maze will not contain isolated islands, and thus the rule of the right hand can be used.

The mouse should be autonomous with dimensions not exceeding 25x25 cm. It can attempt to pass from the start to the goal 10 times during the total time period of 10 minutes, while it can search for an optimal path.

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3. MiniSumo (new!)

This category requires you to build an autonomouse mobile robot which can push its opponent out of the ring.

A pair of robots compete inside of a ring. In the beginning, the robots are placed behind the staring lines. After the start, the robots try to push their opponents outside of the ring. Any robot that touches the surface outside of the ring by any of its parts looses the game. This holds also in the cases if robot looses some of its parts, which is then pushed outside or happens to touch the surface outside of the ring by its own means.

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4. Free style

In this category, authors are encourage to demonstrate their robotics creations, which do not fit into the categories above. There are no restrictions, except of following the safety regulations. Each contestant has 5 minutes to demonstrate his or her robot's capabilities. The performance is rewarded by an applause. The winner is appointed according to the strength of the applause and the jury judgment.

5. Information and registration

The detailed rules for all categories can be obtained from the organizers or this page (if available).

You might find here rules, construction instructions, advice, inspiration, and organizing information.

The registration has to be completed before March 19th 2008, by filling the following form.


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Registration deadline is March 19th 2008, 23:59:59.

We welcome all your comments, support, and help.

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